Smile Is Truly Priceless ♥️

It's very prevalent among people to face ups and downs in life. Well, it's common in life right? Everybody faces it. But how to react while going through those ups and downs is something questionable. Will you express the outburst all the time or will you plug in your earphones and play your favourite songs?... Continue Reading →

The pluviophile in me ☔

Since childhood I have seen bollywood stars romancing in rain. Back then I was unable to understand the thrill behind the popular song "Tip Tip barsa pani". My little mind used to wonder what joy people find in rain. But as I grew up I discovered that there is something about rain which is very... Continue Reading →

Beautifully harsh 🍁

Very often people wonder what is the purpose of life. On a daily basis people wake up, do their daily chores and rush towards work. This sometimes makes their life tiresome. They fail to realize the true essence of life. In truth, life is harsh. But it is also beautiful. We cannot always see the... Continue Reading →

Pangs of conscience …

Time flies,but memories last forever.. "I wish I had said that...." Can cost you everything someday. Don't be pusillanimous to wear your heart on your sleeve. As life is a one time occasion.

One drunk call 🕛

"You cannot make someone force fully love you" he said.The girl being silent cried on the other side of the phone.They were boon companions but she fell for him,as the Shakespeare saying goes "A boy and girl can never be friends forever". The boy was heedless of her reverence for him.So finally that night she... Continue Reading →

Away ♥️

They met after a month or two.. For the first time she was away from him for this long. "I missed you, I missed you so very much..." she said involuntarily hugging him tight.. Saying nothing he responded by pulling her more close towards him.. He finally realized the old saying... “ Absence sharpens love,... Continue Reading →

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